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Install UbuntuStudio 18.10

I installed/updated to the latest Ubuntu Studio 18.10 on my video and audio production box. Bonus: this video was captured with my Elgato HD 60! UbuntuStudio is available on their site here: Youtube: DailyMotion: Bitchute:

Install Syncthing on MacOS 10.13 install - Fail part 2 - Success!

I managed to get Syncthing up and running on my mac mini 10.13.6 (High Sierra). I had some video issues, but I swear I'll have them worked out in the future. Getting technology to work with us is a journey that I'm on and I'm glad some of you are along for the ride. The MacOS bundle is available here: Youtube: Dailymotion:

Install Syncthing on MacOS 10.13 install - Fail part 1

Attempted to install Syncthing on my mac mini 10.13.6 (High Sierra), but ran into some issues. I'm posting this videos as an informative exercise in what can go wrong when installing syncthing over another version of syncthing. The MacOS bundle is available here: This is the version of Syncthing that I used, but it will most likely be out of date by the time you read this. The main Syncthing site can be found here: Video Links: Youtube: Dailymotion: Minds:

HooToo Tripmate Titan - Usage Update

Finally back to making videos. I lost most of the HD videos that I had started to do due to data corruption, so I'm going to post the low res versions that I have. Sorry about this ahead of time, but I do have a new 1080HD camera that I will be using for the new videos. In this video I discuss how I've used the Tripmate Titan on a daily basis, what worked and what didn't. Hardware Description: Model         HT-TM05 Capacity      10400mAh File system   NTFS/FAT16/FAT32 (068 adds exFAT/HFS) Size          1.65 in x 1.65 in x 3.74 in Weight        8.8 oz Color         black + red Output        2A max Input         1.6A Wi-Fi         802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz Network support: DLNA support (videos, photos and music) Samba support (file, printer sharing) Travel router modes: WiFi AP, bridge, router USB hub support: 4 devices (2 HDD max) (up to 4TB) Chromecast compatible Youtube: Dailymotion: